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We're all passionate, friendly, bounce-off-the-wall tech nerds who are keen on helping the next generation of companies and organizations be on time.

We're always looking for motivated people to join us.  Check out our open positions!

Business ops

Business Ops

Victor Luo

Co-founder and CEO



Business Development Lead

Rahul Raghunathan

Head of Marketing

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Fun Fact: Victor was so late to a meeting once that he decided to create a startup that finally got him on time to places.

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Napassorn loves to eat. So much so she named her dog after a cartoon character, Chowder, in hopes he likes to eat as much as her!

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Living a double-life as a product sales manager for a clothing startup, Rahul can tell you more about shirt materials than anyone

Product Team

Product team

Samuel Escapa

Product Manager

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Don't be fooled by his friendly Spanish accent, Sam is equally mean in a game of Brawl as he is at coding web apps.

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If you have a couple hours to blow, start a conversation about Myers Briggs Type Indicators with Anny and be ready to be entertained!

Kamrun Nahar

Lead Web Developer

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Kamrun insists she types more in Java than in English but if she ever catches onto you, we're not promising you won't end up with a henna tattoo on your hand.

Dayoung lee

Front End Web Developer

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Growing up in a household with no pets, one of Dayoung’s goals in life is to raise a Pomeranian named Simba!

Ryan Cornel

Lead Mobile Developer

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Ryan is living proof that you can be somewhat swole and also be plant-based. #plantbaseddiet

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